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Many homeowners pay attention to the condition of the foundation of their homes. The foundation plays a vital role in maintaining the structure of your home. It supports the weight and distributes it evenly. This part of your home is responsible for ensuring that the entire structure does not sink into the ground unexpectedly. Foundation structural damage may be a result of numerous underlying conditions. Regardless of the conditions causing it, the damage has to be repaired quickly. Foundation problems may lead to wall cracks, sloping floors, misaligned walls, and so on. When left unattended these problems may become more serious and reduce the value of your property. If you are experiencing foundation problems or have noticed some tell-tale signs of any related issues, you need a specialist to have a look at what’s going on. Why don’t you let Stephenville Foundation Repair offer you affordable, innovative repair solutions that will improve the structural integrity of your property?

About Us

Foundation damage is a serious problem that can affect a building in numerous ways. It may cause the walls to crack and deteriorate. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may even result in a total collapse of the building. Foundation Repair is a complex problem that can only be tackled by advanced training and the use of specialized equipment. Without the right use of equipment, the results will be far from satisfactory or may result in further damage. Stephenville Foundation Repair has committed its resources to provide Stephenville homeowners with innovative solutions to fix the structural damage in their property. We have created numerous foundation repair services that will cater to your problem especially. When you contact us, we will try to determine the extent of the damage and its underlying causes. Then, we can apply any of our reliable solutions to restore your building.

Our Services

If you suspect that there are problems with your foundation, contact us today. We are a team of foundation repair specialists who have been in the industry for more than a decade. We are experts at providing slap foundation repair, commercial foundation repair, house leveling, drainage repair, cracked wall structure repair and pier, and beam repair. Our professionals will visit your property to evaluate the problem. After this, they will discuss potential solutions with you and explain further details of the project to you. When all the details have been finalized, we can get started.

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Slab Foundation Repair

Slab foundations are unique types of foundations that can be installed to support large or medium-sized buildings. Because of its unique slab-like shape and toughness, this type of foundation is commonly found among Texas homeowners. However, these structures deteriorate after some time and maybe a risk to the safety of the entire building. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, we are your one-stop foundation repair contractor in Texas. Our experts can help you repair damages to your slab foundation quickly and efficiently. Through our work, you can rest assured of the safety of your property.

cement beams of the house

Pier and Beam

Pier and Beam are integral to the balance of your building’s foundation. Homes with this type of foundation are designed with a crawlspace too. After some time, environmental conditions and soil-related issues cause them to develop serious problems. As your home settles in one position, changes in soil conditions may cause each beam to shift differently. This uneven shifting will cause more problems or may lead to a total failure of this foundation system. When you notice signs of problems in your pier and beam foundation, you need to call on the experts to help you out. We have designed the best solutions in place to preserve your structure.

house foundation being repaired

House Leveling

What’s the condition of the drainage in your home? Have you installed an effective drainage system? Or are you simply hoping to avoid water accumulation within your property? Without proper drainage in your property, it will suffer and slowly deteriorate. Water may accumulate on the ground or in the soil. This level of water damage may cause serious problems for your walls or foundation. As soon as you notice that there is water accumulating in your home or your soil moisture content is too high, contact a professional repair contractor to help you out.

newly installed water drainage

Drainage Repair

The foundation of your home is designed to keep it steady and prevent it from sinking. But there are times when a part or portion of your home may sink deeper than the rest. While this is not necessarily a call for alarm, it needs to be fixed quickly to prevent damage to other parts of the house. With our house leveling services, we will lift your home out of the soil and make it steady once more. We have built a reliable system that will level your foundation and keep it from sinking.

cracks in the wall

Cracked Wall Structural Repair

When the walls in your home begin to crack, it’s a sign that you may have problems with the foundation or your walls have suddenly become weaker. When left unattended, wall cracks can extend to more serious problems. We understand the dangers of wall cracks. That’s why we have created custom services for all our customers. We’ll eliminate all the cracks that you have, and boost the value of the property.

foundation slab being constructed

Commercial Foundation Repair

When setting up a large non-residential building, you would need to adopt a tough commercial foundation. These tough and large foundations are designed with advanced processes. When they start to deteriorate, they require special attention to fix them. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, we are your best bet to tackle commercial foundation damage.


Stephenville Foundation Repair is a professional repair contractor that has been serving property owners; residential and commercial, for more than a decade. During that time, we have helped hundreds of homeowners in choosing innovative solutions for their property. We have also set up reliable communication channels to get your feedback. You can easily reach us on our telephone line to book an appointment or make inquiries about our service. We’re waiting to hear from you!

“The door in my kitchen suddenly failed to close. It had never behaved in such a way. So, I looked out for some professional help. Stephenville Foundation Repair quickly identified the problem and let me know it was some problem with my foundation. They attended to this problem and made sure my building was secure once more” – Gary


“When I contacted Stephenville Foundation Repair to fix the faulty foundation in my home, they were responsive. They identified the underlying cause and offer alternative procedures to deal with the problem. I felt so relaxed with them” – Pierre


“Wall cracks have riddled my property. I wish to sell the home to move to another area, but these cracks make my home unappealing. Stephenville Foundation Repair helped me seal these cracks and restore my property” – Roan