Slab Foundation Repair

Slab Foundations are special foundation types that are found in commercial buildings. This unique foundation type is strong enough to support mega-sized structures. Despite the structural integrity of a slab foundation, it's not immune to deterioration. When your slab foundation starts to break down, you need to repair it. Before now, foundation repair simply meant pouring concrete. Today, numerous innovative solutions can be used to restore the foundation to its solid-state. Some repair conditions are best suited to specific conditions, but each of them has its unique benefits. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, we are experts at handling different foundation problems. We can adopt a variety of solutions to handle structural damage repair.

Steel Pilings

When steel pilings were introduced into the construction industry, they led to widespread changes. Using steel pilings to repair a foundation gives a more solid result and can be completed quickly. Steel pilings have advanced from where they used to be. Due to advancements in technology, these pilings can be driven easily into the soil and the correct positions. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, we are capable of various types of slab foundation repair techniques. We'll identify the best results for you.

Concrete Pressed Pilings

These repair techniques are cost-effective and the ideal solution for certain types of soil. Before these pilings are installed, a cylindrical casing structure is driven into the soil. This structure will be filled with concrete of desirable plasticity. The cylindrical structure will be removed the concrete has solidified. These extra pilings will support the foundation. They are reinforced with steel to keep them from crumbling or shifting when placed on the soil.

Concrete Piers

Concrete is the major component that was used in the construction of slab foundations. Therefore, it makes sense that the damaged structure is repaired with the same material. Using concrete piers to fix foundation problems is a reasonable, long-lasting solution. As a result, it's a popular solution for many foundation repair contractors. Setting up your property and the right equipment for this type of foundation repair is costly. When you finally get the right equipment, it's challenging to get them into the right position for repairs.

Masonry Patches and Sealants

These solutions are ideal when the slab foundation has experienced problems related to shrinkage. The tell-tale sign of this type of foundation problem is that there will be cracks around the corners of the foundation. These cracks may be filled with industrial-grade sealants, such as hydraulic cement. Shrinkage is a minor foundation problem, but it's recommended that you fix it immediately. This way, you can avoid bigger problems in the future. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, we have the right answer to your foundation problems. We have a long track record of repairing foundation damage in Stephenville, Texas. Our innovative solutions will address the cause of the problem and offer you a long-lasting and affordable solution. Without any doubt, slab foundation repair is our specialty.

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