Pier and Beam Repair

The condition of the pier and beam of your foundation is vital to the structural integrity of your home. Just like other parts of your house, you need to regularly maintain them to prevent quick deterioration. As soon as you start to notice signs of damage, such as cracks or chips, you need to take remedial procedures. If you take too long, this damage can extend to the interior of the home. The best method for pier and beam foundation repair depends on the extent of damage to your foundation. You need professional foundation specialists to identify the damage and fix it effectively. Stephenville Foundation Repair will preserve the strength of your home and its value.

What Are The Signs Of Pier And Beam Foundation Damage?

It's not recommended for homeowners to get into their crawl spaces to check for foundation problems. This is because you can easily hurt yourself there. Crawlspaces are renowned for gathering up dirt and foreign materials. There may also be some pests there. It's also likely that you may fail to identify certain of pier and beam damage. When you hire us to work on your pier and beam foundation problems, we will search for numerous signs.

Cracks Along Walls and Ceilings

These are one of the first obvious signs of structural damage to your pier and beam. The damage starts from the pier and beam and extends around the home. As the house moves from one side to another on its damaged foundation, the interior walls and ceilings get weaker. After an extended period, cracks may appear. Without prior warning, you may also find gaps between baseboards and walls, ceilings and walls, and so on.

Fallen Or Shifted Items

The interior of your home will be affected by the damage to the foundation. As the walls shift on the foundation, they will affect other items within your home. You'll find items such as shelves, cupboard doors, art pieces, curtains, and pictures, which may move from their positions without physical contact. If you notice that art pieces and pictures hung on walls have shifted out of position and fail to remain straightened. Or shelves and curtains appear lopsided. It means the walls of your home have shifted too. This is an underlying indicator of foundation problems.

Doors Fail To Close

The doors in your home need to be level to close properly. When a home has foundation problems, its door and window frames will become crooked and not close properly. If you find that a few doors in your home now failed to close properly, it may be a result of pier and beam damage. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, you get access to the best foundation repair contractors. We will come up with unique solutions to eliminate the problems in your structure. Our specialty is to adopt non-intrusive methods to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our contractors are experienced and skilled at producing consistent results.

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