House Leveling

Your home's foundation is responsible for the strength and durability of the entire structure. After some time, the foundation of your home may begin to sink. This is an urgent foundation problem to tackle. Without remedial efforts, a part of the foundation may sink too deep into the soil. When this type of problem occurs, you must level the structure with steady anchors. However, there are more effective methods that property owners can choose. Each of them has varying levels of effectiveness. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, we can do different types of foundation repairs. We'll check the soil around your home and the underlying cause to suggest the best solution to your foundation problem.

Slab Leveling

The use of Slab Leveling techniques is an effective foundation leveling strategy. It involves installing slabs that will support the structure's weight and prevent the foundation from sinking further. This solution is a cost-effective option that can be installed quickly. Despite the speed and efficiency of this house leveling solution, it may not be the best option for major foundation problems. It will also not suit homes that are built with a beam foundation.

Drop Piers

To install push piers to support a building's foundation, hollow pipes are pushed into the soil with a hydraulic ram and attached to the foundation with rings. Instead of resting on the foundation, the structure's weight will rest on these piers and push them into the ground. This solution is ideal for small and heavy installations too. The foundation is durable because there is enough weight to force the piers into the soil. But they don't suit light structures that don't weigh enough to push past the resistance of the ports.

Helical Piers

These piers are quite different from push piers forced into the soil. Helical piers are tough steel piers stuck in the floor with hydraulic pressure, so the support columns reach solid subsoil. When a solid base has been gotten, the piers are attached to this structure, and the entire foundation is lifted with a unique tool. These piers are versatile and can be used irrespective of the weight of the system or its size. Advanced technology ensures that the distance between the soil layers is correctly calculated. Then, professional contractors will send it at the required length.

Why Should You Hire Us?

If you have house-leveling foundation problems, Stephenville is an ideal choice to help you out. Regardless of the foundation problems of your structure, we will work with you to identify suitable alternative solutions. When you contact us, we will repair your foundation system immediately. After consulting you, the next step is to recommend the best solution for yourself. Our repair contractors will deliver your project as at when due and let you know all the requirements of the house leveling repair.

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