Drainage Repair

The drainage of our homes is just as important as other parts of the house. A good drainage system is essential in preserving the lifespan of your foundation. Drainage problems occur when the drainage system that you have put in place fails to truly drain excess water from the property. When your home starts to experience drainage problems, it could result in more complicated foundation problems too. Various drainage repair systems can be adapted to ensure the right amount of drainage. When installing any system, the goal is to take out enough water from the property as much as possible. And it’s important to pick a system that helps you do this quite easily. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, our services are committed to helping you identify the best drainage system for your home. We will also help you install it quickly and effortlessly.

Surface Drainage System

If your property is located on flat land, a surface drainage system would work best for you. Rain can quickly accumulate on flat surfaces leading to water pooling and water damage. This unique drainage system will ensure that there is no excess water stored on your property. For this type of drainage system, ditches must be built at specific locations. These ditches take up all the excess water and send it away from the home to a place where it can cause a lesser amount of damage. This type of drainage is also adopted for walkways and driveways.

Subsurface Drainage System

These are unique drainage systems that can be applied to another scenario. These types of drainages are built underneath the soil. Their purpose is to remove the excess water that drains from your property and builds up within the soil. This system will eliminate excess pools of water that are found in the ground. This accumulation of water can creep into the foundation and cause it to deteriorate slowly. It will also cause plant roots to rot. This system drains water using a combination of pipes for an underground network and a sump pump to push the water out.

Slope Drainage System

Pipes are also used for these types of drainage systems. But rather than being installed under the soil, the pipes are arranged on a slopy surface or an incline. By doing this, the water will move naturally out of the property due to the gravitational effects on the water in the sloping pipes. Often, these pipes are made from concrete, steel, plastic, and an additional protective layer to prevent them from getting damaged easily.

Gutter Drainage

A gutter drainage system is an essential type of drainage system and is one of the most popular around the world. A system of downspouts and gutters will be installed in your home to remove the excess water on your roof. Without the downspouts, the water from your roof will splash against the ground. This continuous splashing will damage the floor and landscaping. In serious cases, this type of drainage problem could lead to basement flooding. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, you can trust us with any type of drainage solution. We’ll identify the best choice for your house and implement it. Our job is to help you avoid foundation problems through well-designed drainages.

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