Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial foundations are different from residential foundations in a variety of ways. To start with, commercial foundations are bigger, tougher, and designed to support gigantic structures. They are usually made from a mixture of aggregate building materials. These types of foundations are built for a lengthy lifespan. However, they may begin to get damaged and crumble after some time. A bad commercial foundation can bring down the entire building. Therefore, it needs to be fixed quickly and effectively by foundation repair specialists. If you are looking for contractors to help with professional commercial foundation repair, opt for Stephenville Foundation Repair. We have hired a network of the best contractors purchased a long list of high-end equipment to provide our clients with consistent results.

What Are The Causes Of Commercial Foundation Damage?

Commercial foundations are difficult to set up and construct completely. The entire process is capital–intensive and labor-intensive. Regardless of the durability and toughness of a commercial foundation, it will break down slowly after an extended period of use. The breakdown or damage may be due to soil-related issues or ignored structural defects. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, our job is to identify the cause of structural damage and repair it. We adopt numerous alternative solutions to eliminate the problem.

Tree and Plant Roots

If you have a big tree with extensive roots located close to your commercial property, it could slowly be eating away at the foundation. Tree roots are strong and will slowly creep into small cracks and spaces in the foundation. When a tree or plant root makes its way into the foundation, it will break it down from the inside out and cause it to crumble. These roots will also dehydrate the soil. Lack of moisture within the soil will cause it to shrink and crack.

Poor Construction

If you have hired an unqualified foundation construction company to build your commercial foundation, there are high chances that it will get damaged quickly. An unqualified foundation construction company will not use the right process and materials in setting up the commercial foundation. Depending on the quality of the work in question, the results could be disastrous. You need a professional repair service to have a look at the extent of the damage and recommend innovative solutions.

Water Damage

Water damage is a common culprit in commercial foundation damage. Whether the water damage is a result of plumbing leaks or accumulated water on the floor, it doesn’t matter. The best course of action would be to identify the cause of this damage and stop it. Without the accumulation of water in the soil, the foundation will not be broken down fairly easily. At Stephenville Foundation Repair, you get access to the best foundation and structural damage repair services in Stephenville, Texas. We have ensured that all our processes are aimed at customer satisfaction. It’s our job to restore your home to its previous state. We provide innovative solutions that keep all our customers happy.

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